About us


About us

We are expert in Philippines and Indonesian Domestic Helpers. We have many branches and have been serving many families in HK in a professional manner. Our staff is professional, friendly and helpful. All of them have rich experience and professional knowledge in matching maids with employers. We have established close relationship with the local agencies in Philippines and Indonesia. We also have our own offices in Manila, Jakarta and Surabaya to provide efficient visa application and high quality of training programmes to our maids

Why Do you choose us?

We have the Best Domestic Helper in Town

Local Finished Contract – Our staff will select local finished contract domestic helpers carefully and we will verify the information of their resume.
Overseas Domestic Helpers – We work closely with local agencies in Philippines and Indonesia. After years of partnership, we have been offered the best domestic helpers which are also exclusive to us. We also take the selection process very seriously. Our staff will visit the Philippines/ Indonesia every month to select domestic helpers for our customers.

Professional Team

All of our staffs have rich experience in the industry. We will listen to your needs and will only select the most suitable ones for you. We will never push you to hire a domestic helper who does not match your requirements


Our operations are fully computerisation, such as selection of helpers for customers, application of visa, monitoring the visa application, as well as after-sale services. With computerisation management of our operations, we can ensure that the employed domestic helper can report duty at your home on the expected date.

The Best Service

Kampo has designated staff to follow up your case closely and make sure your needs and requests are fully met. We will not only focus on sales, we place stronger effect on the after-sale services. We will contact the employer and maid regularly to follow up the performance of the helper. If you are not fully satisfied with the work performance of the helper, our Philippines/Indonesian staff will speak to the helper and counseling her. In addition, we have the longest guarantee period in Hong Kong, you can enjoy a 50% discount on the service charge to hire another helper with us within 21 months from the date of the helper reported duty.

What we can do for you?

Oversea Domestic Helper

Kampo works closely with local agencies and large training centers in Philippines and Indonesia. Our staff will visit them every month and strictly select domestic helpers with rich experience in overseas countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Middle East, good characters and enthusiastic attitudes for your selection

Local Domestic Helpers

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff will select local domestic helpers carefully, most of them have finished at least a 2-years contract in Hong Kong. These helpers are readily available for you to conduct interview。

Contract Renewal

If you would like to renew the contract with your current helper, we can send our staff to your home to handle the complicated procedures for you.

Direct Hire

If you would like to hire a known helper, no matter she is in Hong Kong or in Philippines/Indonesia, we can help you to contact the helper and process the application. With our computerized system and experience, we can ensure that the can report duty at your home on the expected date。

Discounted Air Ticket

We work closely with many travel agencies in Hong Kong and we can helper you to buy air tickets for your helper at a very competitive price.

Insurance Package

We have selected a comprehensive insurance package for your helper at a very reasonable price. The insurance package can be purchased for one or two years and has covered out-patience services.

Body Check

We work with a large Health Check Center to provide professional and comprehensive health check scheme for your helpers to ensure he/she is healthy and physically fit for working at your home.